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Pernel Laate
Kachina by Pernell Laate
Bracelet by Ophelia Garcia
Bowl by Bob Lansing
An American Dollmaker by Lisa Fifield
Vases by Josh Simpson
Pipe by Robert Rosebear
Artist Rafael Aguilera Hernandez

Pernell Laate, Zuni, is highly regarded for his intricate fetish carvings in bone and antler. His animals perch on a rocky terrain and twist toward a sound in the forest, or lunge toward their prey. Pernell is able to capture the essence of the animal and its existence in nature. Occasionally he carves out of wood, as he did here with his kachina, “The Wood Gatherer,” also adorned with beads and deerskin. A kachina is a spirit doll that communicates with Great Spirit and so can give us guidance, as do the animals depicted in fetish carvings.
Pernell Laate

Kachina: "The Woodgatherer"

Kachina by Pernell Laate
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