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Lyndon Tsosie
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Lyndon Tsosie is a rising star among contemporary Navajo jewelers, a master inlayer of fine materials who exhibits innovative forms and design concepts. Recently he was the recipient of top awards at the world-famous Indian Market and Heard Museum exhibitions. Lyndon challenges us to expand our concept of jewelry and art with his inlaid boxes, which might be shaped like a jewelbox or a Navajo hogan, revealing an interior river of opal or surrounded by "logs" of pink and red coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli and deep purple sugilite. Lyndonís necklaces and earrings look like modern minature paintings made with inlaid stones, and have been compared to the artwork of Klee and Mondrian.

Box by Lyndon Tsosie. Click for full image Box in the shape of a Navajo hogan
Materials: sterling silver, gold, sugilite, turquoise, coral, lapis, opals

Box by Lyndon Tsosie. Click for full image Box by Lyndon Tsosie. Click for full image

Necklace by Lyndon Tsosie. Click for full image

Coral necklace with reversible dragonfly pendant
Materials: sterling silver, 14 k gold -- one side set with Candelaria, Pilot Mountain, and Lone Mountain turquoise, the reverse with spiny oyster shell.
Box by Lyndon Tsosie. Click for full image

Box with Lid
Materials: wood, gold, silver, pearls, opal, lapis, jade, coral)
Earrings by Lyndon Tsosie Earrings
Materials: silver, turquoise, lapis, abalone shell, mother of pearl, red coral.
Necklace by Lyndon Tsisie
Materials: turquoise, lapis, red coral, silver
Pendants by Lyndon Tsisie
Materials: silver, sugilite, red coral, lapis, malachite
Belt Buckle by Lyndon Tsosie

Belt Buckle
Materials: turquoise, blood red coral, lapis, ironwood, silver

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